Burn this keep that


At the end of 2010 Zemoga wanted to to create a project that served as a holiday gift for its clients that represented the agency's bold culture towards digital innovation. In an effort to communicate the culture of where the production team was based (Colombia) we cam up with a concept that matched the region's tradition of burning a doll at the end of the year as a representation of letting go of the experiences of the year to go.

The experience included the creation and customization of each user's doll, and the ability to fill them up with what they wanted to keep and what they wanted to burn form the past year. The experiences were represented by photos, facebook posts, tweets and links. At new year's eve, each doll would burn allowing the users to feel the "catharsis" of letting things go.

The idea went instantly viral. More that 1500 dolls were created, local news featured the agency as the pioneers of new technologies for the region and the site was shortlisted in the FWA awards.

I was in charge of coming up with the concept, leading the definition of the interaction, and directing the production for the teaser video.

Main responsibilities
Concept definition
Experience definition
Interaction Design Prototype Direction


Sketching and Concept Definiton


Design Mockups

Video / Demos

Teaser video