El Tiempo’s 100 years


El Tiempo, the biggest editorial group in Colombia, contacted Zemoga to define, design, produce and manage an online platform intended to celebrate the first 100 years of "El Tiempo", the group's newspaper and the country's number one news resource.

The project was a 6 months long contest that integrated the print, radio, and TV assets of the group. It included a main site, a gaming center and a virtual album that worked in conjunction with google news to allow users navigate through the history of El Tiempo and the world throughout the 100 years of the newspaper's existence.

I had the chance to work as the director for interaction design for the whole project, and was specifically in charge of directing, designing and executing along with the team devoted to the creation of the games. I also directed and executed the prototype creation for both the pitch and the project itself.

Main responsibilities
Interaction Design Direction
Games UX Design
Games concept definition


Video / Demos

Design Mockups

Games Mockups

Games Concept Definition

Pitch Video / Demo