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About the project
35% of Refinery29 users are getting to the site through mobile devices. It's estimated that in 2014 the number is going to be above 50%. The current Refinery29's mobile platform is not flexible enough to iterate and find new monetization strategies.

To create a single, elegant, responsive experiences of Refinery29 editorial, advertising and social content that removes the friction of funnels for the user and enables richer and more frequent advertising opportunities for brand partners.

User goal: to stay within the context of the experience whenever possible, and only remove that context when she decides to (1) navigate to a new type of content, (2) navigate to a hub or topic page or (3) tap on an internal hyperlink.

Technology goal: to create a mobile web app that performs in all critical aspects like a native app.

Business goal: for advertisers to have the ability to (1) display banner ads and (2) experience increased, more predictable engagement with brand integrated content.

Main Responsibilities
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